Web + Android + Electronics Developer
I design and code beautifully simple things, and I love what I do.
Hi, I’m Zuhayr. Nice to meet you.
I have been doing freelance work for the past three years, during this time I've worked for startups, individuals and small factories. I have been developing android apps, dynamic websites and smart products and I love what I do.
App Development
I prefer minimalistic designs and a robust architechture to build apps that scale well and look beautifully simple.
Languages I speak:
Kotlin, Java
Architechture & other show-offs :p
MVVM ( Model-View-ViewModel), Dependency Injection ,MQTT(Pub-Sub based models), Material Design, Neumorphism
Experience :
4 years of building apps for several startups.
Web Development
I design static as well as dynamic websites & web-apps. Although I art so I'm more inclined towards front-end.
Languages & Others:
NodeJs, ExpressJs, Angular, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS etc.
Architechture & other show-offs :p
MEAN & LAMP Stack, can handle animations and has a good sense of design.
Experience :
I have freelanced for 8-10 startups/indidividuals in the past one year.
I got my first micro-controller when I was 16. I've been curious about electronics since then.
Languages & Others:
Embedded C, Python, LabVIEW,
Sensors & Mirco-controllers
Raspberry Pi, Atmel micro controllers, Arduino Boards, Data Aquisition Cards, Industrial Sensors ( Pepperl & Fuchs), Residential Sensors
Experience :
Developing IoT and IIoT based solutions for small enterprises since last 3 years.
My Portfolio
I like to build a lot of stuff, here are a few of them!
A training institute for industry professionals. Explore the most sought after courses and join them now!
A portal to post, search and apply for thousands of jobs near you.
An android app that customizes diet patterns, subscribe now!
An inventory management and order placement app for the casting and smelting industry near Ghaziabad, India.
A one of a kind product line of smart lamps that sync with music like never before!
The first truly smart air purifier 10 times more affordable than anything in the market with features unheard of!
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I like to write in my free time, here are my blog posts!
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